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Starter Guide to Quarantine Soccer at Home

Our development curriculum is based on four phases of development:

A.    Physical Literacy and Coordinative Structures – with or without the ball (…but mostly with)

B.    Game Situations for Skill Acquisition – dribbling, passing, finishing, etc. within game context

C.    Game Scenarios for Game Intelligence – small sided game progressions

D.   Principles of Play within a Team Shape – full team play


Due to the current restrictions on training, below are modified approaches to these phases that players can use to train at home.



Resources for Training at Home (by Phase)


PHASE A – in lieu of physical literacy and coordinative development led by a coach, players can:

      I.        General Movement Programs with the Ball 

1.    Basic General Movement Program

2.    Straight General Movement Program

3.    Lateral General Movement Program

4.    Multidirectional General Movement Program

5.    Creative General Movement Program


     II.        Juggling

1.       Intro

2.       Beginner

3.       Intermediate

4.       Advanced


Takeaway: Movement patterns are the building blocks of the game.


PHASE B – in lieu of technical development led by a coach, players can:


      I.        Practice 6 Principles of Dribbling at Home

Principle of Dribbling:

1.    Keep the ball on your foot.

2.    Move your feet quickly.

3.    Look where you can see both the ball and the field at the same time.

4.    Use one foot at a time.

5.    Use all surfaces of the foot.

6.    Move your body around the ball.


Exercises to train principles of dribbling:

·       Self-Guided – the ball is the only thing that you need

o  Dribble at a slow speed, concentrating on the rhythm that you have with the ball.

o  At medium speed dribble with only one foot at a time taking turns with both legs.

o  At medium speed, dribble while concentrating on the periphery of your view. See how far away you can see while still seeing and controlling the ball.

o  At very slow speed, dribble with all surfaces of the foot covering very little ground as you move the ball and move your body around the ball with high creativity.

o  At varying speeds, free dribble around the area.

·       Mine Field – lay cones or other objects randomly around an area. 

o  Dribble around the area without touching any of the cones.

o  [Spread the cones apart] Dribble around the area making a circle around each cone with the outside of your foot.

o  [Spread the cones apart further] Dribble around the area making a turn as you approach each cone.

o  Dribble around the area practicing 1v1 as you approach each cone.

·       Gates – use cones or other objects to make a few gates around an area.

o  Start by dribbling around the area going through each gate. 

o  When you dribble through a gate, turn and come back through that gate.

o  Instead of dribbling through the gates, do a figure 8 at each gate.

·       Wall Activities (Click on title to see a video of each activity)

o  Passing and Receiving – Use different passing and receiving techniques against a wall. 

o  Turning – Practice several different turning techniques. 

o  Shooting and Receiving – Use different shooting and receiving techniques against a wall.

o  Passing with the Outside of the Foot – Use the wall to get lots of repetition using the outside of the foot.


Takeaway: Technical skills are the foundation of the game.



PHASE C – in lieu of small sided games, players can:

      I.        Sibling/Parent Play – Set up a game with someone in your house who will playing against you or by working with them to score goals.

     II.        Obstacle Course – Use creativity in setting up and going through the course. Timing yourself is a way to add an edge.


Takeaway: Decision making is the key to unlocking the game.



PHASE D – In lieu of shadow training and playing full sided games, players can:

      I.        Watch Classic Games – watch old soccer games to learn about different players and styles

     II.        Video Games – soccer games on video consoles can be very educational players


Takeaway: Players must ultimately perform on the field with their teammates in a competitive environment.



BONUS: We highly recommend these at home training resources:


Best Use: This game is a very fun and an excellent skill builder. Although it is best for advanced players, it can be modified so that young players or parents without a soccer background can play. We encourage you to experiment with different balls and modifying the rules to enhance the fun and level of success.


Kick Wall

Best Use: Rather than simply a product that can be purchased, this site gives plans for building a “kick wall” at home. For those with the means to take on this project, a kick wall is an invaluable resource for players. Whether spending solo time developing passing, receiving, and shooting skills or playing a game with another person, time on the wall is a great way to develop touch and ball striking ability.


Open Goaaal

Best Use: This product is great for families with a big, flat yard. Repetitions are still limited (as they would be while shooting on a normal goal), but the oversized net means that balls that miss the goal will be stopped. Good use for this product is for it to serve as a training net for players to work on their shooting and goalkeeping. Another idea would be to use two, or combine with another goal in order to create a full field for small sided games of.


Takeaway: Find opportunities outside of your formal training routine to play.


Sample Individual Training Programs:


Format: Solo Training


1.    Choose a movement program from Phase A to do. (10 minutes)

2.    Choose a dribbling activity from Phase B to do. (10 minutes)

3.    Choose a wall activity from Phase B to do. (10 minutes)

4.    Choose a juggling activity from Phase A to do. (10 minutes)


Format: Sibling or Parent 

            Challenge a parent or a sibling to play a game outside. The game or challenge could be:

·     1v1 (or other variations of small sided games)

·     2v0 (unopposed finishing on goal from service)

·     Offense/Defense – the scorer becomes the goal keeper

·     Futpong Challenge

·     Wall Ball game

·     Soccer Golf

·     Anything goes here – be creative!


Format: Solo Free Play

·     Watch youtube videos of famous players. Try to emulate their moves on your own.

·     Be creative. All you need is a ball.


Format: Solo In-House

·     Dribble the ball from room to room around the house at a walking pace. Bounce the ball off certain objects that can receive a wall pass (door frames, sofas, chairs, table legs, etc.).

·     At the bottom of stairs, lift the ball up and play the ball as it comes back. Start with passes against the bottom step before lifting the ball up to the first step and going from there.

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