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Uniform Order Information - 2019/20


  • All new players need to order a new uniform kit for the upcoming 2019/20 season (2 Under Armour jerseys, Under Armour pair of shorts, 2 Under Armour pairs of socks and 1 practice tee). Use the order form below.
  • Existing players will be able to use the uniform they have but may replace items or pick up additional gear.
  • The deadline for the order is Monday July 8th, 2019
  • Player #’s
    • On the order form please list a minimum of 5 number choices in order of preference (though you can list as many as you like).  
    • All player numbers will be assigned based, firstly, on returning player preference (a player will automatically retain their number if they list it as their first preference, place their order on time and are assigned to the same team) then on a first come, first serve basis. We cannot guarantee that a player's number preference will be met.  If there is no match to a preferred # list, a # will be assigned.
  • Please take your time and make sure the order form is completed correctly.  The club will not be held responsible if you select the wrong size.

If you have Credit Earnings from Kroger Community Rewards or Bingo you would like to use, please complete a redemption form to receive a coupon.  

*Learn more about the Kroger Community Rewards program here>>

*Learn more about Bingo here>>

Xpress Uniform Orders 2019/20

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