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Indoor FAQs

Q. Where will the games be played?

A. Games will be held at multiple locations which will be published shortly. Last year games were held at the Green Ridge Recreation Center and Patrick Henry High School.

Q. Will my child play games at multiple locations?
A.  Most, if not all, games will be played at the same location.  There may be a need to switch locations for a particular weekend because of a conflict at a facility.

Q. When will games be played?
A.  Once the teams and divisions are set, games for each division will be on a set day and similar time each week.

Q. How many players are on the court at one time?
A. Teams play 5v5, though some exceptions are made for teams in the U10 or U8 division, dependent on participation.

Q. Are there practices?
A. U7-U12 teams will be give a 30 minute practice with their coach prior to their game.  There are no practices for U13 - U19 teams.

Q. Is the league only for Valley AFC players?
A. No.  The league is open to all players/teams from the Roanoke Valley area.  We will have both recreational and travel teams participating.

Q. What type of surface will the games be played on?
A.  The games will be played on basketball courts (no walls) using a futsal ball.  Sneakers or indoor soccer shoes must be worn.

Q. I want to sign-up a team, what do I need?
A.  Team registrations require a minimum of 8 players, there is no maximum # of players.

Q. I want my child to play with their team, do I use the individual sign-up form?
A. No. The coach for the team should sign-up all the players with the team sign-up form.  A team entry with a full roster is more cost efficient than having each player sign-up individually.

Q. Will scores & standings be kept?
A. Scores will only be kept for the U11-U19 age groups.  Standings will be available on the website.  The focus for the youngest age groups is solely on having fun!

Q. Will there be referees?
A. Referees will be used for the U9-U19 games.

Q. What is your refund policy?
A. We will provide refunds up until the registration deadline.  There will be no refunds after the registration deadline.

Q. Can I register a player or team after the registration deadline?
A. Yes.  However there will be a late fee assessed to all registrations received after the deadline.

Q. How will game cancellations be communicated?
A. Game cancellations will be communicated in the following manner:

  • Via RainedOut (free text messaging/email service)  More Info>>
  • Via Email to all registered participants

Q. Will games cancelled due to bad weather be rescheduled?

A. We will do our best to reschedule games, but there is no guarantee that all cancelled games will be rescheduled.