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Valley AFC uses RainedOut to communicate cancellations & last minute updates for it’s programs via text messages and emails.


Subscription Instructions

  1.  Click on the above RainedOut icon
  2.  Input either your cell phone or email address and check "Agree to Terms of Service"
  3. A validation code will either be texted or emailed to you based on what you entered.  Enter it in the Validation Code and click the Validate Code button
  4. All of the Valley AFC groups will be displayed.  Choose the applicable group(s) by clicking on "Subscribe".  All groups that you are subscribed to will have an "Unsubscribe" link
  5. You are now all set.  If you ever need to change the groups you are subscribed to, just repeat the above.

    Cancel Subscriptions

    If you want to permanently cancel your RainedOut subscription with Valley AFC, you will need to do the above then scroll down to the bottom of the groups page and click on "Stop Receiving Messages from Valley AFC".  Valley AFC cannot cancel it for you.