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Xpress Class of 2015 - Boys' College Commitments

Valley AFC is delighted to announce the Boys' Class of 2015 College Commitments. We are proud of the constant and continued effort these players have shown during their youth soccer career. Moving on to represent both the club and the community at the college level is a feat in and of itself. While we are proud of the support structure we establish around our players; without their personal sacrifices and the sacrifices of their families these things would not be possible. Congratulations to all of our graduating class of 2015!

Boys Class of 2015
Cory Thompson - Radford University
Hayden Helm - John's Hopkins University
Coby Reed - Bridgewater College
Moore Dolue - Ferrum College
Stu Myers - Emory & Henry College
James Thullah - Ferrum College
Logan Richards - Ferrum College
Jake Spiegel - Bridgewater College

Cory Thompson

Radford University

"This incredible opportunity was made possible because of my Valley AFC involvement for 7 years!  I want to thank Valley AFC for the generosity, positive energy and professional coaching.  A sincere thank you to Rod Baker for his mentorship and training that was second to none!" - Cory Thompson 


Coby Reed

Bridgewater College

"Valley is a great start for people who want to get better.  They help you develop your skills.  They showed me where I needed to improve and then I worked hard on my own.  I've met some great players and people through Valley AFC.  I've had a lot of fun." - Coby Reed


Moore Dolue

Ferrum College

"Playing at Valley has opened my eyes to the game I love, the trips we took to play the games were always the greatest. Playing other teams in our league pushed me to my complete ability and taught me how to expand my ability. Valley isn't just a club but a family that love doing the same things" - Moore Dolue

Moore Dolue (left) & James Thullah (right)

Stu Myers

Emory & Henry College

"I just want to say that playing for Valley and Rod has been a great experience for me.  Many opportunities have come my way because of Valley , and I feel that I am ready to play at the next level." - Stu Myers


Jake Spiegel

Bridgewater College

"My experience at Valley was great. I learned a lot from playing for Rod Baker for two years. He always believed in me while pushing me to do better and challenging me to try new things. I was surrounded by a great group of guys who also trusted me, worked hard, and were fun to play with. My game grew a lot during my time at Valley and prepared me well for my future. Playing for Valley was one of my favorite times ever, and is something I will never forget." - Jake Spiegel