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VAFC Xpress Teams Showcase Talent at Region 2000 Cup

Over this past Labor Day weekend, VAFC Xpress Green teams traveled to Lynchburg, VA to compete in the 2015 Region 2000 Cup.  The event, hosed by CVU, proved to be a fantastic weekend of soccer.  VAFC teams saw a great amount of success from their possession oriented style of play.  While not every team won their age group, all the teams had a successful weekend of play.  Players were able to show their talent and ability to make successful decisions on the pristine playing surfaces at the various complexes.  We are excited and proud of the teams' performances over the weekend.  We look forward to continuing this level of play over the rest of the Fall season! 
Region 2000 Cup Champions & Finalist
U12 Girls Green - Finalist

U13 Girls Green - Champions

U14 Girls Green - Champions

U16 Girls Green - Champions 
U17 Boys Green - Champions 

U18 Boys Green - Champions