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VAFC Xpress - 2nd Place in Skyline Fall 2016!

VAFC Xpress Families,

As we ramp up our efforts for the Spring 2017 season; it is a good time to reflect on the Fall 2016 campaign.

I’ve been at Valley AFC for 8 years this month. A large number of things have changed as our community has grown larger. We now have 3 adult leagues, a TOPSoccer program, and a robust Academy system and Indoor League to go along side our Xpress travel and Recreational programs. We have, also, purchased land to begin the long term goal of creating a world class training and playing facility.

Some things, though, have held steadfast throughout my time here (and indeed, Valley AFC’s history).

The club mission statement “Soccer for All” is one of those things. Though sometimes misinterpreted, its meaning is simple – if you want to play soccer we have a program for you. From the 4 year old taking their first foray into the game, to the High School Senior signing a letter of intent for a College program to the adults looking to relive their childhood on the field!

Another item that has not changed over time is our commitment to “development over winning”. It is a topic that has been written and spoken about ad-nauseum in the world of youth sports. You can look back at a previous blog, written by myself, here:

As stated at the above link, winning games is a side effect of good, developmental, coaching. This does not mean we will not celebrate those teams and players that have individual success. After all, positive reinforcement is key to the developmental process. It, also, does not mean that not winning games equates to the players not receiving good, developmental, coaching. Every individual is at a different stage of their development. Our goal is to find that level and ensure that we are using sound practices to allow each player to develop to be the best that they can be.

This past Fall 2016 saw Valley AFC have its most successful, on the field, season in our, storied, 30+ year history. The highlight of this success was taking the runner’s up spot in the Skyline Premier Club Championship. The Club Championship is an accumulation of each team’s performances over the season. Points are awarded to each team from each club and are aggregated at the end of the season. VAFC was in contention throughout the Fall and finished in second place. The final standings for the Skyline Premier Club Championship were as follows:

114pts - New River United                                                                                        
102pts - Valley Association Football Club                                                                
82pts  - SOCA – Charlottesville                                                                                
72pts - Central Virginia United                                                                                 
34pts - Shenandoah Valley United                                                                            
30pts - SOCA – Augusta                                                                                            

The final placement was helped by 5 VAFC division winners. A special congratulations must be given to the U13 Girls, U14 Girls, U16 Girls, U18 Girls and U15 Boys for topping their respective tables!

While it would have been wonderful to have ended the season in first place, finishing second among those clubs is no mean feat. We are proud of this accomplishment and so should each of you be! Our goal, each season, is to be involved in competitive games where technical and tactical teachings can be implemented, under pressure and at game speed. The Skyline Premier League is a key component to this as it offers us balanced games with achievable goals while remaining extremely competitive.

Despite these on the field successes we will continue to maintain our philosophy of “development over winning”. After all, winning is merely a side effect of good developmental coaching.

I would like to thank the VAFC Board, Staff, Coaches, Parents and Players for all of their support, hard-work and dedication. It is the combined, continued, efforts of everyone involved that ensure our club continues to grow and have success. I am proud to be your Director of Soccer and proud to wear the Valley AFC badge upon my chest.

Thank you,

Dave Stuart
Director of Soccer
Valley AFC